Staff Directory

Staff List

A. Hutton (she/her)


G. Korpan (he/him)

Vice Principal

H. Howell (she/her)


A. Ripplinger (she/her)


S. Saeed (she/her)

Kindergarten (Graduating Class of 2035)

B. Wesley (she/her)

Grade 1 (Graduating Class of 2034)

C. Wesdyk (she/her)

Grade 1/2 (Graduating Class of 2034 & 2033)

T. Pastuch (she/her)

Grade 2 (Graduating Class of 2022)

T. Shimshaw (she/her)

Grade 3 (Graduating Class of 2032)

  M. Mossman (she/her)

Grade 3/4 (Graduating Class of 2032 & 2031)

 S. Lemieux (she.her)

  Grade 4/5 (Graduating Class of 2031 & 2030)

N. Reeve (she/her)

Grade 5/6 (Graduating Class of 2030 & 2029)

A. McNabb-Sinclair (she/her)

Grade 6/7 (Graduating Class of 2026 & 2027)

  M. Rope (she/her)

  Grade 7/8 (Graduating Class of 2028 & 2027)

D. Burzminski (he/him)

Indigenous Studies/Arts Education

K. Gazda (she/her)

Physical Education

  S. Schnell (she/her)


N. Agecoutay-Sweet (she/her)

Indigenous Advocate 

J. Casper (she/her)

Teacher Librarian

B. Sotropa (she/her)

Learning Resource

   S. Puszkar (she/her)

   Learning Resource

  K. Menhart (she/her)

   Learning Response Teacher

S. Pfneisl (she/her)


C. Swan (he/him)

Teacher Associate

L. Wu (she/her)

Teacher Associate

C. Fiacco (she/her)

Teacher Associate

M. Laag (she/her)

Educational Assistant

S. Acton (she/her)

Educational Assistant

D. Yan (she/her)

Educational Assistant

  A. Kaur (she/her)

  Educational Assistant
  M. Ceniza (she/her)

  Educational Assistant

Brett Wyatt (he/him)

Dream Broker

  Elder Betty McKenna (she/her)


  M. Worme (she/her)

  Knowledge Keeper

C. Christie-Beach (she/her)

School Counselor

D. Buchanan (she/her)

Speech and Language Pathologist

M. McCaw (he/him)

Educational Psychologist 

Cst. T. Logan (he/him)

Resource Officer

K. Winchester (he/him)

Head Facility Operator

H. Chamorro (he/him)

Facility Technician